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Louis Twitter Drama Analysis/Rant

I’m so sorry for delving into the Louis twitter drama again and it’s a bad move on my part to be touching upon this now ((I promise I won’t talk about this after – let us move on)), but this was poking at my brain and I had the urge to share it. Be warned: if you harbor full-fledged hate towards Louis and hold him wholly responsible for those absurd tweets then please don’t read. I can’t tolerate the hate being sent to Harry’s Boo.

 In my opinion, Louis’ particular tweet that everyone pretty much considered a “gargantuan hole in his own ship” and a “denial” [when it is NOT; please know the difference] can be taken in different ways here.

He tweeted this: 


Calling it the “biggest load of bullshit” was such a low inconsiderate blow.

“Louis” doesn’t flat-out deny Larry Stylinson however. He doesn’t imply that “Harry and I are NOT in a relationship and the rest of you make me laugh in having thought so.” Point -1 for you, management.

***I want to stress that it’s been proven on numerous occasions (and we know this) that Modest! has TIGHT control over their twitter accounts! The boys are weaved inside a contract, and contract negotiation/talk is huge serious stuff in the entertainment industry.

One Direction, currently the most famous boy band in the world, can’t risk breaching the contract and have consequences come out of their actions, no matter how much they want to cross the line.

Louis most likely had little to no say in the /horrible/ content of his tweets that were being sent out; to me it’s evident that he tried to patch the burns management made through his account by sprinkling random, Louis-like tweets to us about Kevin the pigeon, having gone to town and the X-Factor.

I’m sick of them. They think they’re totally obligated to jizz on Louis and Harry’s best mate-lover relationship and label something inexplicably special as bullshit when the way they do it is horrendous!

Also I’ve noticed a recurring pattern in Louis’ tweets every time M!M shit happened. This is one of them:


Once again poor Louis is doing damage control. I REALLY think he has a way of hinting to us that it’s not him by always tweeting about how much he loves the fans. That’s the Louis Harry loves I love. There’s similar instances in past months as well [read x, x, x]. People know Louis’ personality enough to be such a contradiction to the “Louis” from yesterday.

Downright shady, much? This has never gone unnoticed to me since the Larry MTV/storyboard drama/Rebecca Ferguson and management’s screwing up ((not to mention the iffy difference between the punctuation in his tweets, the time periods and the wording of the tweets - “Louis” is happy one second and then pissed off the next. They make him seem like a proper bipolar asshole)).

Besides that tweet I want to briefly talk about these:



Louis was never mentioned/tagged in any of them. “He” just can’t invest all of his damn time stalking their blogs and having to scroll through, or even type ‘Louis’ in the search bar and inspect the tweets talking about him, then proceed to freaking single them out; cause a crap snowball effect of hate that’s nearly sending the fandom’s sanity down the drain. No. Think about the real Louis: would he tolerate addressing these people in such a rude way?

I know Louis obviously has a bazillion followers and possibly might have seen their tweets from everyone’s RT’s, but let’s be real. Honestly.

And what kills me is that he apparently got @PlasticBieber to stop harassing his fans.


The original post is here: [X]. This was my comment to that post:

[….] If people don’t see that this doesn’t clearly correlate with management ruining the rest of Louis’ image purity/dignity then…I have no idea what to say to you. 

And it was also Louis in Nov. 2011 who tweeted:  feel free to insult me but you don’t have the right to insult our fans.”

“Louis” blasted his own fans today and caused the drama to spiral out of control in a way that I never expected it would. M!M - you can’t bring us down. 

Yes it may be management’s doing, but Louis’ tweet to Charlotte Peel (Louis telling a person at Leeds to fuck off because he insulted his boyfriend Harry, anyone?) blatantly tells me otherwise. Remember that Louis’ sheer protectiveness for those he loves is sadly mistaken as asshole behaviour because it is management’s image for him. It’s what they intend to produce out of him! Louis’ a piece in their malicious game and they care about milking their clients for money, money, and more money, not their happiness. Not their well-being. This is the cruel reality of this vile world.

Yes we can’t constantly blame every single thing on management [Larry shippers may be partly at fault], but believe it or not: they control almost each aspect of the boys’ lives! They’re trying to hold back Harry and Louis’ relationship from public awareness as much as possible when so far they’ve failed.

Nearly everyone within the 1D demographic, including those outside of it, [adults] are beginning to realize that there’s an undeniable connection between two of One Direction’s band members, and that things are suspicious. Management’s panicking.

Yesterday was a bomb drop. They know this is the beginning of the end. Management’s becoming reckless because they are losing, and this is a battle we’re already winning not only for Larry, but for the greater good.

I’m irate. If you genuinely still think that Louis…sweet Louis of Harry Angel Styles… was the one behind those tweets then it’s your loss, I’m very sorry. He has no choice! 

Don’t jump ship. I love you all for managing to lift your head and trudge onward through the BS getting thrown at us. Louis and Harry need their girls more than ever at this difficult time of doubt, anger, grief, and sadness, but everything will be worth it in the end. They know that we know the truth and they know we’re aware of the deception.

Our strength pushes the boys to keep on going. It’s not their own doing. We play a big role in influencing them. Stay strong. Don’t you dare let the two years worth of Larry Stylinson that we have in our hands slip away - two years of love. 

This has been a post.

p.s. #Bravery

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